Winkah Jio
IMG 3810
Biographical Information
Name Winkah Jio
Nickname(s) Antenna Girl


Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Green
Status Alive
Race Beastman (Half Gabranth and Humas)
Lv 77
HP 2750
MP 721
EXP 588976
NEXT 19707
ATK 788(1024)
DEF 674(876)
AGI 900(1170)
HIT 511(664)
INT 220(286)
Title(s) Naturally Endowed, Half-breed, Strong Idiot, Familial Thoughts, Taboo, Animal lover, Straightforward Girl, Big Appetite, Slayer, Unique Killer, My pace, Monster Killer, Wanderer, Lightning Fast, Combat lover, Moonlight
Guild Card
Sex Female
Weapon Spear

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