Vale Kimble
Biographical Information
Name Vale Kimble
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Height 185cm
Status Alive
Race Humas
Affiliation Victorias Second Army
Lv 48
Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 23
From Victorias

Vale Kimble, the captain of the second division of the Victorias army. He was entrusted with the duty to teach the heroes to fight.

Appearance Edit

He is a handsome guy with a noble face. Just by looking at his body, one could tell how well trained he is. His hair is green and short, whereas his eyes emitted a great willpower.

History Edit

Back in the days when he guarded the border, he ran into Aquinas once. Aquinas was so terrifying that he could call him the devil's incarnate. Back then, Aquinas just had passed near the border by chance. But his overwhelming aura prompted Vale’s fellow soldiers to open fire against their better judgment. Needless to say, their attacks couldn’t harm him, whether they hit or not. Still, it caught his attention. He had been flying through the air, stopped in midair and looked down on them with his sharp, red eyes. At that moment, every single guard there expected certain death without exception. Some even thought about how they could die without pain. Just by being stared at, they realized what an abnormal existence he was and that they would all die. For some reason all their weapons turned into ash and no one knew if he used magic for that or not. But in the next moment, his red hair fluttered and he left. Except for a small number, everyone had fainted.

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