Biographical Information
Name Tenn
Nickname(s) Yellow Monkey (Hiiro)
Status Alive
Race Pheom
Affiliation Hiiro Okamura (Contractor)
Guild Card
Sex Male

Tenn is Hiiro Okamura's Contracted Spirit.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Plot Edit

Tenn first appeared when he visited Hiiro in the 【Demon Capital Xaos 】. He appeared when Hiiro was eating Fuwafuwa Fries. He and Hiiro fought for some time before both were stopped by the Princess of the Spirit King. After that, they went to the Spirit Forest using a portal.

After eating, the Spirit King decided that Hiiro could contract Tenn but he first requested to fight him. After some preparation, the two fought inside a barrier and lost to Hiiro, but caused him to lose consciousness. After Hiiro woke up, the contract between the two of them was made.

Trivia Edit

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