Teckil Shizaa
Biographical Information
Name Teckil Shizaa
Aliases Nazaar Skride
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Territorial Shizaa

(Foster father, deceased)

Status Alive
Race Evila
Occupation Rank 3 of the Cruel

Prisoner (formerly)

Affiliation Xaos

Cruel Brigade

Magic Attribute(s) None
Magic Painting Magic
Guild Card
Sex Male
Debut Chapter 25

Teckil Shizaa is Cruel's Rank 3. Commonly know as Nazaar Skride, he's considered one of the most famous artists among Humas. In addition, he is a multi-talented individual, he also writes picture books.

Appearance Edit

Nazaar has blue hair that was worn behind him, that extend to his waist. As his bangs are considerably long, it completely covered his eyes, to the point where they could not be seen. Although he wears very large, round glasses, this leads some to wonder whether or not he can actually see.

He was first seen wearing a tuxedo.

Trivia Edit

  • He finish his sentence with "-su".