Ranking currently within the demons : RANK 5

Shublars Klucel
Shublars Klucel
Biographical Information
Name Shublars Klucel
Hair Color Blue-Violet
Eye Color Blue-Violet
Height 174cm
Status Alive
Race Evila
Occupation Personal Bodyguard of the the Evila King/Queen

Cruel <Rank 5>

Affiliation Cruel
Lv 130
HP 6000
MP 5835
EXP 2400111
NEXT 74980
ATK 1100 (1150)
DEF 1011 (1133)
AGI 1009 (1089)
HIT 922 (1000)
INT 999 (1099)
Magic Attribute(s) None
Magic Dance Magic (Ancestral Gathering Dance (Unlocked) | Dance of the Pure (Unlocked) | Enchanting Dance (Unlocked) | Time Reflecting Dance (Unlocked))
Title(s) Dancer | Voluptuous Beauty | High Class Demon | Connoisseur of Wine | Monster Slayer | Ripper | Boob-nee-sama | Tit Witch | Sexy Pudding | Charming Mistress | Capable Woman | Jiggle Jiggle | Dancing Lady | Cruel | Killer of the Unique | One who Exceeds | Man Killer | Likes to be Spoiled | Lonely One | ……..Still a Virgin? | Fighting Woman | Overly Determined Person
Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 20s
From Xaos

Appearance Edit

A sociable and voluptuous woman.

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