This page will have all of Shinobu's past and present Statuses.

Level 1 Edit


HP 22

MP 52



ATK 13

DEF 13

AGL 24

HIT 14

INT 24

≪Magic Attribute≫ Water, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ Mist (Water, Support), Paralyse (Lightning, Effect), Heal (Light, Recovery)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller

Level 23 Edit

LVL 23

HP 342

MP 500

EXP 7200

NEXT 987

ATK 115

DEF 113

AGL 165

HIT 120

INT 207

≪Magic Attribute≫ Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ Mist (Water, Support), Aqua Spiral (Water, Attack), Paralyse (Lightning, Effect), Acceleration (Lightning, Support), Heal (Light, Recovery), Cleaning (Light, Recovery/Support)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller, Curious One, Awakened One

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