Rudolph Van Strauss Arclaim
Biographical Information
Name Rudolph Van Strauss Arclaim
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Orange
Height 177
Relatives Maris Van Strauss Arclaim (Wife)

Lilith van Strauss Arclaim (Daughter) Farah Van Strauss Arclaim (Younger daughter)

Status Unknown
Race Humas (Formaly)


Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 48
From Victorias

History Edit

Rudolph feared that The Humas would be destroyed sooner or later at this rate and considered destroying the ‘Evila’ before that. On that occasion, they used summoning magic, which had been sealed as an old magic. Because, heroes possessed an incredible magic power and could utilize physical abilities and magic unthinkable for ‘Humas’. Learning of this, Rudolph hardened his heart and asked his daughters. But the fourth and third princesses both failed and lost their lives from the ≪rebound≫. The second princess was next in line. She managed to avoid death, but was bedridden and still unconscious at this point. That left Lilith and Rudolph as the only ones, who could use the summoning magic. As they couldn’t afford any more failures, he decided to do it himself. However, everyone was against that. Precisely the losing of the King, the buttress of the country, was what could lead to the immediate demise of the ’Humas’ by the ’Evila’. Lilith understood that and offered herself for the country.

During the Humas-Evila conference, Rudolf revealed his true nature. Because of his hatred against Evila and the lost of his 2 daughters. He used this opportunity to make an alliance with the Gabranth to finally annihilate the Evila. However, thanks to Hiiro who made a contract with the actual Demon Lord, Eveam. His plan didn't go has planned. In reality, a few months before the meeting, Kiria went to meet him and make a contract as well. It turned out that it was a plan made by the Ex-Demon Lord and so, Rudolf was merely a simple pawn. At the end, He was turned into an Evila amon the Kupiedeus race by the "Demon stone" implanted in his chest. Judom tried desesperaly to bring him back to his sense but in vain. He then follows one of the Kiria(s) and disappears.

Relationships Edit

Abilities Edit

As a Humas, since he was not a warrior, he didn't have specific fighting or magic abilities.

As an Evila, he gains the ability of the Kupiedeus race. Anything he ate allows him to obtains the powers and magic of his "meal". He can also shapes his appearance according to the strongerst individual's existence.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Lilith share a birthday.

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