Rarashik Fan’naru
Rarashik Fan’naru
Biographical Information
Name Rarashik Fan’naru
Nickname(s) Chibi-Usagi
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Height 125cm
Relatives Yuhito Fan’naru (brother)
Status Alive
Race Were-Rabbit


Lv 138
HP 7665
MP 786
EXP 3421577
NEXT 87020
ATK 1316 (1330)
DEF 1268 (1300)
AGI 1194 (1200)
HIT 1049 (1050)
INT 845 (880)
Magic Attribute(s) 《Binding Attribute》 Ice
Magic Ice Fang

Assault of the Absolute Ice Beast
Roar of the Ice Beast
Ice Prison
Final Fang

Title(s) Companion of Ice

Little Girl
Binge Drinker
Blade of the Wild
Demon Slayer
A Weirdo Born from a Weirdo
The Creator of the Binding Technique
Gabranth Fighter
One Who Can Influence Phenomenon
A Determined Person

Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 200+
From Pasion
Rank SSS
Debut Chapter 38


Appearance Edit

Rarashik has the appearance of a little girl no older than than 10 years old. She has green hair that is bunched together in the shape of an “O” at the back of her head. The most distinguishing part of her is the long ears at the top of her head.

When first introduced, she was wearing only a white lab coat and underwear.

History Edit

Over her 200 years of life, Rarashik conceived the Binding skill, became an SSS Rank adventurer, and a martial arts teacher. She doesn't have that much authority.

Abilities Edit

Rarashik is one of the two people that can bring out the true power of the Binding skill.

Despite her young appearance, she is quite deadly. She was able to disappear and reappear behind Hiiro Okamura with a scalpel pressed against his neck before he realized she had moved. Hiiro fully realizes that if she was to fight him for real he wouldn't stand a chance at his current level.


Trivia Edit

Rarashik has a habit of always putting a bell on the door, whenever she heads out somewhere.

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