Raive Ocean
Biographical Information
Name Raive Ocean
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Height 173cm
Relatives Arnold Ocean (Younger Brother)

Muir Castrea (Adoptive Niece)

Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Occupation Head Maid
Affiliation Pasion Royal Family
Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 45
From Snyoll
Debut Chapter 47

Appearance Edit

She has the same blue hair as Arnold, but unlike his short-cut hair, hers was long and neat. Her facial features weren't bad, and her height was on the higher end. She has a thin and soft-looking tail. She was worthy of being called a beauty. Just like Arnold, she has no ears. This astounding beauty has the same unyielding eyes as Arnold. And yet, her physical stature is very muscular. Furthermore, as she wears a maid outfit, her figure evokes an extraordinary sense of incongruity.

History Edit

Raive lost her ears at so point in her life, but unlike Arnold it had nothing to do with slavery.

Raive has been working at the King Tree as a maid for a number of years. Contrary to her appearance and personality, she worked diligently and made it up the ranks to Head Maid. The King was quite fond of the meals she made, and happily ate them.

She had heard of the war, but did not participate in it. It’s not that she couldn’t fight, but she obstinately stood by her position as not to. She became a maid because she wished to make people happy. She didn’t want to use her powers to harm anyone after all this time. That’s why she felt great relief upon learning that Arnold did not come to go to war. He wasn’t the best brother, but he was still precious family. She didn’t want him to be taken away by the war.

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