Biographical Information
Name Putis
Nickname(s) Ice Shade Putis
Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Occupation Three Warriors
Affiliation Pasion

Three Warriors
Rarashik Fan’naru

Binding Attribute(s) Ice
Guild Card
Sex Female
From Pasion
Debut Chapter 130

Putis is one of Pasion's Three Warriors.

Personality Edit

She is strong and brave as befitting of her position. She is the quiet type and seems to be well equipped with maturity and common sense.

Appearance Edit

She is described a a little girl who is always wearing a childish bear costume.

History Edit

Not much is known of her history except that she was trained by Rarashik like her teammates.

Plot Edit

In her first appearance she helped to rescue the second prince when he was almost captured during the war. She also participated in the duel between races.

Relationships Edit

Barid - The leader of the Three Warriors and her direct superior. He seems to rely on her quite a bit.

Crouch - The other member of their team. But she too often acts immature and selfish, Putis takes it upon herself to attempt to correct this behavior.

Lenion King - Putis helped to rescue the prince when he was almost captured in the war.

Hiiro Okamura - She had a favorable first impression of him after observing how he interacted with the young princess. The fought during the duel, but she harbored no resentment despite a bad loss. He seems to like Putis despite never really having a proper conversation with her because she often comes to his rescue when Crouch becomes to clingy with him.

Rarashik Fan’naru - She mentored all of the Three Warriors though she claimed not to have a very high impression of their skill. They share the same attribute.