Passion, the country of beasts. The Beastman continent is covered in green.

Unlike the human continent, this was a land where you could be randomly assaulted out of the blue. A war-ridden country. There’s a possibility of being attacked just because of one being from the Human race.

However, here in the soil and the forests; in the lakes and rivers, the surrounding wildlife had much more energy.

The main difference between this one and the Human one was the amount of untamed wildlife.


Although large, Passion does not have much war potential. Marching to their enemies is basically suicide.


The City of Passion is where the king of the Gabranth lives. The Kingdom of the Gabranth was made around the Tree of Origin, Aragon as its the center and is surrounded by the forest. Or rather, you could say that it is the forest, since everything is made out of trees.

The king exists in the inner part of the tree stares at the Yellow Ribbon King Tree.

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