Biographical Information
Name Nikki
Nickname(s) Idiot Disciple (Given by Hiiro Okamura)
Hair Color Light Purple
Eye Color Purple
Height 118cm
Status Alive
Race Humas
Occupation Disciple of Hiiro Okamura
Affiliation Hiiro Okamura
Lv 70
HP 1600
MP 830
EXP 391750
NEXT 1707
ATK 563
AGI 587 (617)
HIT 333 (363)
INT 279
Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 12
Debut Chapter 107

Nikki is a girl Hiiro met while exploring the Demon Continent. He saved her life and she became his rather inept disciple.

Personality Edit

Though she's not all that bright, she always energetic and eager to please. She likes to pretend she's more mature than she actually is. She shares Hiro's love of books and is always looking to improve herself. She had a painful traumatic event in her past that is still haunting her.

Appearance Edit

Though an Humas by birth, Hiiro used his magic to give her an Imp Tribe appearance like his own to make it easier for her to travel. Hiiro lists her among the many beautiful girls he knows. Though she is only a child still.

History Edit

Nikki was raised by a monster in the demon continent even though she is human. One day the monster that was taking care of Nikki was killed by another monster. When Hiiro found her, she could not control her magical power at all. She was a danger to herself but Hiiro saved her and she became Hiiro's disciple.

Relationships Edit

Hiiro Okamura - Hriio saved her life and has since become her mentor. Though she frequently gets on his nerves, he would not abandon her. Though he is known to subject her to magic experiments and she is quite fearful of them. She look at Hiiro with great affection and is always trying to get his attention

Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose - Nikki often gets on Liliyn''s nerves and Nikki is quite terrified of her when she's mad. Liliyn sometimes gives Nikki lessons on controlling her magic.

Mikazuki - The two girls act much like sisters. They spend time together but frequently argue and compete with each other over Hiiro affections.

Shuri Minamoto - Nikki saved the lives of all the heroes during the war. When Shuri was injured and knocked out, Nikki gave the girls shelter, probably saving their lives a second time.

Shinobu Akamori - Nikki became friendly with her after she learned that the girls were acquainted with Hiro. She gave her good advice for the treatment of her friend and gave them a place to hide and rest.

Camus - Camus became friendly with Camus quickly and they both spend a great deal of time together with Hiiro. All three traveled to the Spirit Forest together.

Spirit Princess - The two girls met in the Spirit Forest. The Princess considered Nikki as a potential partner but dismissed the idea. Nikki later convinced her to set aside her stubborn pride and repair her relationship with her childhood friend. She left Nikki with a token of friendship.

Orun - A Fairy who she and Camus met and befriended in the Spirit Forest.

Abilities Edit

Nikki had an unusually high amount of magic power but still cannot control it.

She is capable of concentrating it to enhance her physical attacks though.