Biographical Information
Name Niño
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 170cm
Status Alive
Race Pheom
Lv 20
HP 100
MP 1000
EXP 10000
NEXT 1000
ATK 20
DEF 30
AGI 50
HIT 100
INT 300 (400)
Magic Attribute(s) Fire,


Magic Fireball (Fire – Attack)

Mystic Flare (Fire – Attack)
Mist (Water – Support)
Bubble Rain (Water – Attack/Support )
Infinity Judgement (Light – Attack)
Lazer Prism (Light – Attack)
Holy Lance (Light – Attack)
Resurrection (Light – Recovery)
Full Clean (Light – Effect)

Title(s) Fairy Queen,

One Who Sees,
Light Guardian

Guild Card
Sex Female
From Fairy Garden
Debut Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 28

Niño the head of the Pheom.


She isn’t tiny like the other Faries. Light blue hair, long enough as to reach the ground. Her hair shines. On her head rests some sort of a crown. Wings on her back. Slender features. She looks just like a goddess.

Holding a cane, with a glowing orb with feathers on top, she announces.

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