Mimir King
V4 Mimiru
Biographical Information
Name Mimir King
Hair Color Reddish-Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 124cm
Relatives Leowald King (father)
Blansa (mother)
Leglos King (eldest brother)
Lenion King (elder brother)
Kuclear King (elder sister)
Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 9
From Passion

Mimir King is the youngest child of King Leowald.

Personality Edit

She is nine years old, but her way of thinking put adults to shame. Her intelligence can’t even be compared to Hiiro's. Mimir puts on a smile so that she doesn't hurt those around her.


She has long, reddish-brown hair that grows past her waist. A large, green ribbon is tied around near the top of her head, prominent as if it is her trademark. She didn’t look voluptuous, yet her charming, hazel eyes and fair white skin practically ensured that she would grow up to be a beautiful lady in the future.

History Edit

When she was 5 years old, she caught a severe cold. She had a high fever that lasted for a long time. When it was finally cured, the illness caused such a horrible throat infection, that it took away her ability to speak. Everyone was shocked when it happened. Mimir liked singing. She used to come to the garden often with her family to sing to everyone. When the soldiers listened to her sing, it was like listening to an angel. She was very happy about it. She wasn’t born with a talent for war and battle like her sister Kuclear, but to be able to sing with such a beautiful voice, and make others happy was something to be proud of. The family and the residents also enjoyed her singing. To just see their smile again, Mimir worked even harder to perfect her singing skills. But all her efforts ended in vain when she lost her voice. Her mother, father, brother, and sisters were all dejected when it happened. Seeing a sudden change in the situation, she decided to be less harsh on her self, but doing so made things worse. When she noticed that her family was sad, it was too painful for her to bear. That is why Mimir decided to put on a smile. One day she will recover her voice and sing again. She put on a smile to assure her family that everything will be fine.

The lost of her voice was not an emotional trauma. The country’s top researcher, Yuhito Fan’naru, determined that even with the current science and magic, there was no way for her to recover her voice. But they people around her weren’t sure, they thought that if they had more magic power, then it can definitely be cured. That is why Mimir desperately made a smile. It was a lowly act but, because she smiled, they thought that she'd be fine and felt better. There was no doubt in her mind that this was the best approach. As long as she smiled everyone will feel happy, even if she never got her voice back she would keep smiling and something would happen. Mimir, who is sensitive to the emotions of others, was determined to smile for another person, to ensure that they would not feel sad. Later, she is cured by Hiiro with his unique magic in exchange for a favor in the future.

Relationship Edit

Hiiro Okamura : After Hiiro restored her voice, she became really fond of him and developed romantic feelings for him. She boldly declared to Muir that she won't lose, in regards to gaining Hiiro's affection.

Abilities Edit

Mirmir has the Pheom ability to see the truth before her. This resulted in her having the ability to see ghosts and an invisible Hiiro, as well as see through Hiiro's beastkin disguise.

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