He is Rank: 2 in Cruel.

Marione Judou Crisis
Marione Judou Crisis
Biographical Information
Name Marione Judou Crisis
Nickname(s) Moustache Baron (by Hiiro Okamura)
Hair Color White and Copper
Eye Color Copper
Height 186cm
Status Alive
Race Evila
Occupation Rank 2 of the Cruel
Affiliation Xaos

Cruel Brigade

Lv 168
HP 8522
MP 7098
EXP 5356789
NEXT 119890
ATK 1200 (1700)
DEF 1167 (1150)
AGI 1317 (1390)
HIT 1050 (1300)
INT 1120 (1135)
Magic Attribute(s) Earth
Magic Rock Bullet (Earth – Attack)
Gran Needle (Earth – Attack)
Ray Disruption (Earth – Attack)
Iruyaduru (Earth)
Shadow Sickle (Darkness – Attack)
Title(s) Earnest Man | High Class Demon | Feathered One | Bothersome One | Indulgent One | Short-Tempered Handlebar Moustache | Obstinate One | The Natural Enemy of Monsters | Ripper | Unique Genocider | One who Exceeds | Sword General | Cruel | Caring One | Avenger | Brutal One | Beastman’s Poison | One who has a Splendid Moustache | Moustache Baron | One who Seeks the Strong | Overly Determined Person
Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 40s
From Xaos
Rank SSS
Debut Chapter 11

Appearance Edit

Marione is a man with a grim face, obviously a hardliner. Also a splendid, curly handlebar mustache.

History Edit

His wife and child were killed by the ‘Gabranth'. Due to the death of his wife and child at the hands of the 'Gabranth' he harbors hate for the beastmen race and tries to jump at any chance to fight them.

Relationships Edit

Marione always thought that Eveam was a naïve girl that had the intelligence of a little girl. An idiot who refused to look at the reality before her eyes, whose head was only full of ideals.