Magic existed in this world and needless to say, the stronger the magic power, the stronger the magic. Of course magic wasn’t everything in a battle, but the magic used by the ‘Evila’ is quite powerful and a human has close to no hopes of defeating even a lower demon by himself. The ‘Humas’ have magic powers, but it is relatively low.

Magic power comes from the blood. Every living organism has blood. That’s why you focus on the flow of your blood in your veins, when concentrating magic power. Magic is the power to imagine. And also the power of flow. In exchange, one had a magic only usable to oneself, also called unique magic.

Unique Magic Edit

Unique magic is precious even in this world. Actually, not many can actually control it. Unique magic is always powerful. And it’s difficult to control. And most people die from ≪rebound≫ as their own magic power explodes.

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