Leowald King
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King Leowald (right) and his daughter, Kuclear
Biographical Information
Name Leowald King
Hair Color Red Brown
Eye Color Red Brown
Height 247cm
Relatives Blansa (wife)
Leglos King (elder son)
Lenion King (younger son)
Kuclear King (elder daughter)
Mimir King (younger daughter)
Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Lv 202
HP 13765
MP 4300
EXP 11930081
NEXT 221107
ATK 1830 ()
DEF 1533 (1663)
AGI 1221 (1301)
HIT 1509 ()
INT 816 (840)
Magic Attribute(s) Fire
Magic Flame Fang
Blaze Fang Attack
Ultimate Flame Fang Attack
Wildfire Transformation
Awakened Fireball of Truth
Ceremony of Actualization
Fang of the End
Title(s) Friend of Fire | One who Trains | Strong Arms | Battle Enthusiast | Musclehead Man | Doting Father | Binge Drinker | Considerate Comrade | One who Follows His Own Path | One who is Popular | Reliable Person | Unique Genocider | The Monster’s Poison | King Dandy | One who Exceeds | Gabranth Fighter | Power of the Wilds |One who can Influence Cause and Effect | Overly Determined Person | Flame Bullet | Beast King | One who Transcends
Guild Card
Sex Male
From Pasion
Rank SSS

The king of 【Beast Kingdom Pasion】, Leowald King.

Appearance Edit

Leowald is a tall, muscular man with a stern lion-like face, lion ears, tail, and sports a majestic mane that is reddish brown in color with eyes of the same color.

Personality Edit

Leowald is a proud man who strongly believes in the power of bonds shared with his race, the Gabranth. He is a charismatic leader who leads his troops with pride and increases their morale. He is described as a muscle-head and battle-junkie by both Hiiro and Rarashik, something he doesn't at all deny. He is also self-admittedly stubborn, never giving up in something once he takes in interest in it, such as Hiiro. His a doting father towards his children.

Relationships Edit

Okamura Hiiro: When Hiiro both blocked and reflected Leowald's attack during the Conference, Leowald immediately took an immense liking and interest towards Hiiro. His interest and liking towards Hiiro only increases the more he learns about Hiiro and talks with him. He notices Mimir's feelings for Hiiro and supports it, going so far as wanting Hiiro to marry Mimir, both for her happiness and because he wants Hiiro as his son-in-law. He also wants Hiiro to marry his other daughter, Kuclear, should she also become interested in Hiiro, finding the idea of Hiiro marrying both his daughters to be great and laughing happily.

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