Lenion King
Lenion King
Biographical Information
Name Lenion King
Hair Color Red Brown
Eye Color Red Brown
Height 184cm
Relatives Leowald King (Father)

Blansa (Mother)
Leglos King (Elder brother)
Kuclear King (Younger sister)
Mimir King (Youngest sister)

Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 22
From Pasion

The second prince of [Pasion], Lenion King.

Personality Edit

In the Beastman world that puts strength over all else, the next king would have been him. Regrettably, his personality is not one that was well liked. He is too militaristic, and he doesn’t care for the people. He would be a disgrace as a King.

Appearance Edit

His face looks closer to that of his mothers. He looked quite similar to Kuclear.

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