Leglos King
Leglos King
Biographical Information
Name Leglos King
Hair Color Red Brown
Eye Color Red Brown
Height 190cm
Relatives Leowald King (Father)

Blansa (Mother)
Lenion King (Younger brother)
Kuclear King (Younger sister)
Mimir King (Youngest sister)

Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Lv 83
HP 3100
MP 455
EXP 652910
NEXT 12319
ATK 675 (825)
DEF 622 (672)
AGI 700 (770)
HIT 442 (502)
INT 312 (315)
Magic Attribute(s) Water
Magic Water Fang

Jewel-shaper Water
Water-style Conversion
Purple Water Flash

Title(s) Friend of the water

Desires family
Worldly-wise man
Next beast king
Blade of the wilds
Monster slayer
Human slayer
Unique slayer
Fighting beast
General of the water

Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 25
From Pasion

Leglos is King Leowald's eldest son.

Abilities Edit

According to his vassals, he did not fall far behind his father in strength, popularity or intimidating atmosphere.

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