Val Kiria N°03
Biographical Information
Name Val Kiria N°03
Aliases Kiria
Hair Color Snow White
Eye Color Silver
Height 167cm
Relatives Val Kiria N°02 (Sister?)

Val Kiria N°05 (Sister?)

Status Alive
Race Artificial Evila
Lv 200
HP 15000
MP 0
ATK 2200 ()
DEF 2200 ()
AGI 2200 ()
HIT 2200 ()
INT 300 ()
Title(s) One who was Created
Guild Card
Sex Female

Kiria, or later revealed as Val Kiria N°3 (ヴァルキリア03号) acted as the aide of Eveam.

Personality Edit

She is a quiet and clumsy person as well as optimistic.

Appearance Edit

She has a slender body and looks to be in her twenties. She has short snow-like hair and she has white/silver eyes that hang up a little. It appear that she is identical to the founding Demon Lord.

History Edit

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