->"I will distort that common sense!"

-->What Hiiro states when he uses his Word Magic to change reality to his favor.

Hiiro Okamura (丘村 日色 Okamura Hiiro) is the main protagonist of Konjiki no Wordmaster.

Okamura Hiiro
Biographical Information
Name Okamura Hiiro
Aliases Tanaka Tarou
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 175cm
Status Alive
Race Humas
Lv 221
HP 8387
MP 15500
EXP 16278322
NEXT 337766
ATK 1344 (1444)
DEF 1105 (1120)
AGI 1617 (1667)
HIT 916 (966)
INT 1395 (1405)
Magic Attribute(s) None
Magic Word Magic
Title(s) World Traveller,

Word Master,
Awakened One,
The One who Imagines,
Unique Genocider,
Gourmet Bastard,
One who Follows His Own Path,
Friend of the Faeries,
Mikazuki’s Owner,
The Natural Enemy of Monsters,
Flash Samurai,
The God that Brings Down Little Girls,
One Who is Liked by Magic,
Easily Dragged in,
Hero of Children,
Insensitive Meister,
Reading Maniac,
Eating Tyrant,
Prince of Misunderstanding,
Excellent Diver,
Supreme Demon,
Nikki’s Mentor,
Overly Determined Person,
One who Transcends,

Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 17
From Japan
Rank SSS
Weapon Severing Sword – Slasher
Guard Red Robe
Accessory Fairy Ring
Rigin 7854000
Debut Konjiki no Wordmaster Volume 1


Hiiro does not look very strong. He has black hair, dark pupils, and is around 1.8m tall, but not really muscular. Apparently, his only charming point is his glasses. He wears a distinguishing red robe, coupled with his unique personality, allows many others in the series to instantly identify him.

Gabranth DisguiseEdit


When Hiiro visited the Gabranth Continent, he created a disguise using his Word Magic. His Gabranth Disguise was created based on Muir's race. His ears are sprung up on his head and they’re quite soft to the touch. But the ears weren’t the only thing that changed. Hiiro’s hair is a silver color. He also has a tail, a body that feels oddly light, and his canines have gotten strangely strong.

Evila DisguiseEdit

Hiiro Imp

Similarly, when he visited the Evila Continent, he also used a disguise. His Evila Disguise is that of an imp. His ears are pointed and a small horn grows from his forehead.

His undeniably pale skin also changes, growing even paler as it began to appear discolored. Furthermore, his hair is a thin shade of purple.

Personality Edit

Hiiro is an arrogant man who follows his own path wherever he goes. He is extremely self-centered and only does something if it is useful or interesting to him or is given sufficient compensation for it.

He can be very observant as he saw through the Humas' kingdoms deceit and insanity about their current situation and has no desire to partake in their selfish war. This is also in part due to his cautious personality.

As Hiiro discovers his own power, Word Magic; he takes it upon himself to control and master his own power to avoid dying from rebound of his own.

He is also very thickheaded and dense as he fails to notice the other female characters falling in love with him.

Despite the above, he is a good guy at heart. While he won't do something unless he gets something out of it, in some cases he will do something just at the offer of being repaid without them telling him what it would be. He also has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs.

Aside from books, Hiiro also really likes delicious food. He will often accept a meal as payment for his assistance.

History Edit


Hiiro's parents died in an accident when he was still young. Afterwards, he was handed over to an orphanage and was brought up there. He made some friends there, but more than that, he loved books, so he read nothing but books all day. The books were more of a friend to him than humans.


He was sent to school, however did not pay attention in classes, either skipping or reading books. Despite this, he manages to score full marks on his tests, to the dismay of Chika.

Plot Edit

The Start of an Adventure Arc Edit

Hiiro and 4 of his classmates are summoned to Victorias via the usage of a large ritual performed by Lilith. Once there, he and the other 4 are taken to see the king, Rudolph. Rudolph explains that they were summoned there as heroes to battle the Evila who were planning to destroy the Humas. Noticing that there were 5 people there instead of the expected 4, he asks them to check their Status. All of them are surprised when a screen pops up in front of them with their abilities.

Rudolph asks them to check their titles for the title Hero. To their delight it does say so and they again become excited. However, Hiiro does not have it and instead has the title Innocent Bystander. Everyone present are shocked. As the conversation turns to their families back home, Rudolph explains that everything will work out, satisfying the 4. However, Hiiro is not convinced and believes him to be lying. After stating that he would be of no use, Hiiro left the palace. After his departure, the other 4 are introduced to Vale.

Gallery Edit

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