The Gabranth are a race that have animal traits like a ‘Werewolf’ or ‘Werecat’ and lived in Pasion, the country of beasts. The Gabranth have not been granted magic and have lost our racial abilities have gained the strongest art of Binding. It was an answer Hiiro was satisfied with. It’s something that could be seen from looking at the difference between the Humas and Gabranth continents. The Beastmen greatly valued nature. He had confirmed it from the sky.

Relations With Other SpeciesEdit

The Gabranth were an existence close to the Pheom from the start. They love nature, live alongside it, and die by its law. That environment has caused them to develop a nature that is able to perceive the Pheom. Still this does not stop certain individuals of race from committing atrocities like killing civilians and children.


The Ganbranth were originally an existence formed by beasts that became integrated with Spirits. The Ganbranth could be considered as Pheom that obtained a bigger frame.

A long time ago they were called Sacred Beasts. They didn’t have a humanoid form. As time passed, they slowly transformed to make living easier. It was ironic that they ended up with a humanoid form. But at the same time the Grabranth Spirit also became weaker, and they lost the ability to use magic. However, it seemed that their physical abilities and life force increased.


The Gabranth have a more developed perception than humans. They have enhanced hearing, touch, taste, feel, and sight.

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