She is the current Demon Lord of Xaos.

Eveam Gran Early Evening
P 280
Biographical Information
Name Eveam Gran Early Evening
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 167
Status Alive
Race Evila
Affiliation Evila royal family
Lv 104
HP 4750
MP 6500
EXP 820989
NEXT 41111
ATK 840 (1040)
DEF 850 (1050)
AGI 825 (900)
HIT 819 (919)
INT 1087 (1287)
Magic Attribute(s) Fire


Title(s) Maiden in Love
Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 18
From Xaos
Debut Konjiki no Wordmaster Volume 2


Her personality of trusting others is both her weakness and her strength. That personality remained with her ever since she was young, and she never lost it since, making her a very determined person. She likes reading, making stuffed toys and taking baths.


Eveam is eighteen with a body of a model. She's a long haired blondie and has blue eyes.


Eveam was repeatedly sending out letters to reconcile with the other races, but there was no reply. They didn’t respond at all. Because, during the previous king’s reign, the killing was endless and he used to stab them in the back through means of letters too. It’s not strange to say that they were bound together with them through hatred. So it’s no wonder that they consider a treaty for peace from our side as some prank.

Relationship Edit

Hiiro Okamura : She has great admiration for Hiiro, notably for his power. She has feelings for him.

Kiria : Since her childhood, she always considered her like a sister. She was the person that she trusted the most. She was really affected about her betrayal.

Gallery Edit

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