Eonis Kit Fal
Biographical Information
Name Eonis Kit Fal
Hair Color Light Green
Eye Color Light Green
Height 138cm
Status Alive
Race Evila
Lv 84
HP 2190
MP 2880
EXP 650101
NEXT 3786
ATK 550 (675)
DEF 437 (500)
AGI 770 (800)
HIT 440 (480)
INT 330 (350)
Magic Attribute(s) None
Guild Card
Sex Female
From Xaos

Eonis Kit Fal (イオニス・キットファル Ionis Kitto Faru) is one of the duel participants between Evila and Gabranth.

Personality Edit

She is a someone who does things at her own pace. Despite the fact that she's shy and quiet, she likes making friends.

Appearance Edit

She has a thin and petite body, and appears to be a ten year old girl. Her side pony-tailed hair is light green, and her round eyes are also light green with an eye-patch on one eye.

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