Dennis Norman
Biographical Information
Name Dennis Norman
Hair Color White and Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 164cm
Status Deceased
Race Humas
Occupation Minister
Affiliation Victorias
Guild Card
Sex Male
Age 55
From Victorias
Debut Chapter 31

Denis NormanRudolph van Strauss Arcliam's trusted minister. He had also served as an advisor and minister to the previous King. He held and extreme hatred and fear of the Evila. He was always advising the King to disregard any peace offers as potential traps.

He was known to really dislike the Guild Master Judom Lankars. He looked down on him as a commoner and though he had no right to disagree with the king on anything.

He was one of the people who engineered to conspiracy to assassinte the Demon Lord and destroy Xaos. Their hatred blinded them to the fact they were being duped.

After the events of the conference the king was transformed into a monster. Dennis was too frightened to even stand up and run away. He tried to get king to recognize him and show mercy. He actually did see to know him, but still ate the unfortunate man just the same.