Syrup Sherbet
Syrup Sherbet
Biographical Information
Name Syrup Sherbet
Aliases Crouch
Hair Color Black (White - Syrup)
Eye Color Red (White - Syrup)
Height 187cm (122cm Syrup)
Status Alive
Race Gabranth
Guild Card
Sex Female
From Pasion

Crouch is one of Pasion's Three Warriors.


Crouch is a Black Panther Gabranth. (His/she as is indicated gender is unknown but was revered as a she in later chapter) hair is pure black, and cold eyes do not give off a friendly impression.

Personality Edit

Crouch's voice is as high as a child. And speech trait, of ending each sentence with "Nya" isn’t cute at all, it’s more creepy than anything.

Relationships Edit

Okamura Hiiro (Tanaka Tarou)Edit

Crouch took a liking to "Tanaka's" impudent behavior. Also, was impressed by his strength during their duel, for being at level 33. So, offered him a possession as a retainer, however, "Tanaka" rejected the offer telling him, “I’ll never serve below someone weaker than me. If you want me, then you’ll have to defeat me!”


Crouch is strong enough to play with Rank S monsters as if they were cute pets.

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