Chika Suzumiya
Biographical Information
Name Chika Suzumiya
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Height 162cm
Status Alive
Race Humas
Lv 23
HP 373
MP 340
EXP 7200
NEXT 987
ATK 200 (250)
DEF 200 (210)
AGI 140 (155)
HIT 145 (148)
INT 120 (128)
Magic Attribute(s) Fire,


Magic Fireball (Fire, Attack)

Flame Lance (Fire, Attack)
Grave (Earth, Attack)
Earthquake (Earth, Attack)
Ice Needle (Ice, Attack)
Ice Tornado (Ice, Attack)
Lighting (Light, Effect)
Light Arrow (Light, Attack)

Title(s) Hero,

World Traveller,
Sport Queen,
Awakened One

Guild Card
Sex Female
Age 17
From Japan

Personality Edit

She is a talkative and popular girl. Her open and direct attitude in dealing with people gained her their goodwill. An overly optimistic and simple person, she is not very intelligent.

Appearance Edit

Her short hair is bleached. Her breasts are somewhat lacking, but her slender figure as a sport ace was quite attractive.

Suzumiya has brown, healthy-looking skin and a nice, slender body.

During the festival of birth, Suzumiya wore a dress with a slit in it, that resembled a China dress.

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