Avoros Gran Early Evening
Biographical Information
Name Avoros Gran Early Evening
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 135cm
Relatives Eveam Gran Early Evening (sister)
Status Alive
Race Evila
Occupation Ex-Demon Lord
Title(s) Demon Lord (Former)
Guild Card
Sex Male

History Edit

The previous king, took power by killing his father and tried to create a world for only the Evila.

During his reign, the killing was endless, and he used to stab the other races in the back through means of letters too. He was too radical and was assassinated because of it. The ‘Gabranth’ were probably responsible for it.

He was later ressurected by mysterious way, but he said himself that he's actual form is incomplete and that's the reason why he triggered a war, for becoming complete again.

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